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Tee und Kulinarik

Since I have grown up in Japan and Switzerland in the countryside, I was naturally exposed to preparing tasty stuff with seasonal regional products, to conserve them, to drinking green tea and its culture. With my partner coming from Korea, I traveled to South Korea and met local people who are farmers, producers and sellers of Korean green tea at the same time. We learned about Korean green tea and brought preciously cared, harvested and produced green tea directly from them.
Seminar Lebensmittel konservieren


Lerne in diesem Seminar, regionale, saisonale und gesunde Zutaten nach traditionell koreanischer Art zu konservieren.
Seminar Grüntee und Süßes


Gemeinsam in einem Seminar koreanische Grüntees und gesunde Süßspeisen zubereiten und genießen.