la bonne heure

Meeting point - working studio for creation and learning - gallery

la bonne heure is a small flexible room in the center of Basel. It is a meeting point, a working studio for creation and learning, and a gallery in one. Its focus is put on artistic creation, cultural exchange and on ideas and techniques for an autonomous and ethically correct life (both private and at work).

la bonne heure welcomes a public which is interested in learning specific skills and/or in diverse forms of art and culture. Equally, artists and teachers are invited to use the room.

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Who are we?

We are a team of experienced professionals and amateurs who like to share our skills and knowledge. We create a framework which places exploring and exchange at the centre of the experience. We follow the la bonne heure principles which are laid down in our manifesto.

Team Read our manifesto

la bonne heure Han runs the public space la bonne heure to be used for informal meetings, courses, workshops, learning groups, one-to-one lessons, trainings, exhibitions and performances which are ralated to the fields of culture, education, art, cuisine and open source technology, and trades goods which are related to those services.

Contact us

Telephone: +41 31 533 43 10

We are present at la bonne heure during classes and on opening hours of other activities (see offers). We gladly welcome you when you drop in.

For instructions for registration, please check the course descriptions.

If you're an artist, you can use the room for working on your creation and to show your creations to the public. Please contact us when you're interested.

If you have skills or knowledge on the focused topics of la bonne heure and want to share them in forms of courses or workshops, we offer our small room for it.

Write us a message, and we will answer you:

Visit us

You find us here:

la bonne heure Han
Kanonengasse 37
CH-4051 Basel

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