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Full Name:
Musik Music Musiker Musician Kunst Art Künstler Artist Improvisation Tee Tea Philosophie Philosophy Sprachlehrer language_teacher Raumentwicklung Urbanism Umwelt Environment FLOSS IT la-bonne-heure-Team
I am passionate about social, relaxed and conscious living: Drinking tea, Chinese calligraphy, playing drums, cooking and direct social exchanges.
Contact information and Social Networks:

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  • jami: emanuelh
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Musical interests:
I have grown up in the countryside of Switzerland and Japan and was naturally exposed to the local musical culture of celebrating seasons. That's how I got interested in becoming part of these traditions and in learning the dances, drum rhythms and songs. Where ever I stay, I meet local artists to learn their traditional repertoire. At an early age, I learned to play the guitar from my mother. Later, I learned DJing, playing analogue synthesizers, the japanese drums and the jazz drumkit.
As an instrumentalist and performer who is specialized on improvisation, I am involved since 1999 in different musical projects which bring together elements like live music, rap, dance or live painting and which were brought to festivals and to the stage. Since 2016, I am leading the #^tr'ensemble training in Basel (traditional ethnic musical/dance art forms which include drumming, flutes and singing). You can get a glimpse of what thoughts are born through this activity here:

Older projects were #^King Emir and #^De La Tribu.

Music is for me a complex language used by human beings to communicate with each other. To create something in groups appeals to me because out of this arise moods, forms and elements which can arise only in this particular constellation.
#^tr'ensemble – Trommeln, Flöten und Tanz aus aller Welt


Das visuell und musikalisch ansprechende, sportliche Training mit Trommeln und Flöten, das vom Geist der Gruppe lebt, ist jedes Mal eine Reise in andere Kultursphären und noch unbekannte Rhythmen, Melodien und Körperbewegungen.
While working as a child educator, I realized that the accessibility and the quality of living spaces are predefined by planning processes. That's how I took the decision to switch to the profession of developping the space in order to create a sustainable future for everybody, together with the different stakeholders. I pursue this activity with vigor in a progressive Swiss company that is organized collectively.

  • since 2013 city planner
  • since 2019 teacher at la bonne heure
  • 2002-2010 child educator and deputy operations head at public daycare institutions
Detailed resume:
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My language skills:

  • Mother tongue: (swiss) German
  • I master the languages French and English
  • Advanced knowledge of the languages Italian and Japanese
  • I am learning Korean

I am a convinced promoter and user of open source solutions. At la bonne heure, I'm providing a seminar about using Hubzilla for ethical correct webpublishing.
Seminar ethical correct webpublishing

Learn in this webpublishing seminar how to respect the privacy and the digital integrity by using the free and open source software Hubzilla.

My IT skills:

  • Preferred operating system: GNU Linux. Skilled in using MacOS and Windows
  • Skilled in using the programming languages UNIX, C, R, SQL, Python, GNU Octave, Lua, TEX, HTML, CSS, Java/Javascript
  • Skilled in using the apps QGIS, ArcGIS, FreeCAD, LibreCAD, Inkscape, Gimp

Since I have grown up in Japan and Switzerland in the countryside, I was naturally exposed to preparing tasty stuff with seasonal regional products, to conserve them, to drinking green tea and its culture. With my partner coming from Korea, I traveled to South Korea and met local people who are farmers, producers and sellers of Korean green tea at the same time. We learned about Korean green tea and brought preciously cared, harvested and produced green tea directly from them.
Seminar Lebensmittel konservieren


Lerne in diesem Seminar, regionale, saisonale und gesunde Zutaten nach traditionell koreanischer Art zu konservieren.

Seminar Grüntee und Süßes


Gemeinsam in einem Seminar koreanische Grüntees und gesunde Süßspeisen zubereiten und genießen.

  • 1996-2000 Matur Typus B
  • 2003-2006 Lehre zum Kleinkinderzieher Sek II
  • 2010-2013 BSc EPFL en sciences et ingénierie de l'environnement
  • 2013-2015 MSc ETHZ in Raumentwicklung und Infrastruktursystemen