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Yeonji Han
Tanz Dance Tänzerin Dancer Kunst Art Künstlerin Artist Improvisation Tee Tea Philosophie Philosophy Fotografie Photography la-bonne-heure-Team
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The human presence plays an important role for me, rather than sensual electric devices. Dance and cooking are my favorite activities.
Dance: I give spaces to emptiness in order to stress fullness. I confront my dance with distance and no-distance, time, with destroyed, used and forgotten objects and with gender. I examine the meanings of suffer, surviving and existence. My dance and art are inspired by Maya M. Carroll, Emmanuel Grivet, Lilo Stahl and Rosalind Crisp.
Cooking: I like to do everything by my own, may it be pasta, kimchi or Bärlauchpesto, and to avoid producing waste.


  • Mother tongue: Korean
  • I master the language English
  • I'm learning German
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I worked as a dancer and artist specialized for improvisation at the Asia Improvisation Art Exchange in South Korea and with the DAGADA Dance Company. Currently I am working with The Instrument (Maya M. Carroll and Roy Carroll) in Freiburg, Germany. Since 2019 I am teaching improvisation dance at the studio la bonne heure in Basel.
I trained korean swordsmanship (Haidong Gumdo) from 2001 to 2007 in South Korea. After that, I obtained my bachelor degree in photography and visual arts at the Sangmyung Univ. (2012-2013). I studied improvisation dance at the TIP Schule für Tanz, Improvisation und Performance in Freiburg (2016-2018).