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Hendrikje Lange
Musik Music Musiker Musician Kunst Art Künstler Artist Improvisation la-bonne-heure-Team Tanz Dance Musik Music Trommeln Drums Samul-Nori 사불놀이 Pungmul Pungmul-Nori 풍물 풍물놀이 Musica Danza
Ich beschäftige mich seit über 20 Jahren mit dem Erlernen von Samulnori und den zugrundeliegenden Traditionen Koreas.
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Musical interests:
My first encounter with Korean drumming was in Switzerland in 1996. I received lessons from the dancer and drummer Suzanne Nketia in Liestal and became a member of Swissamul, the Swiss Samulnori team she founded. In 1999, I travelled to Korea for the first time. From 2010 - 2016, I fulfilled my dream to live there. In Seoul, I completed a master's degree in traditional Korean percussion under the guidance of master drummer Kim Duk Soo at the Korean National University of Arts. During that time, I worked as a janggu instructor at the National Gugak Center, the state centre for Korean traditional music. In 2013, I founded the Expats Samulnori Team, an amateur team that plays Samulnori and Pungmul, and in 2015 Hanulbaram, with which I ventured into creatively bridging Korean shamanic ritual music and modern improvisational dance in collaboration with dancer Celine Baque. As a member of the Korean team Yedo Tongcheon, I had the opportunity to learn the Pungmul drumming (Pilbong Nongak).
The encounter with Samulnori drumming proved to be a key experience in my life. Originally from a classical music background, it led me to completely new, pleasurable and inspiring musical experiences and to a great love and fascination for a country that was originally completely unknown to me. It is my intention to pass on some of this in my teaching in the tr'ensemble training.  


The visually and musically appealing, athletic training with drums and flutes, which lives from the spirit of the group, is every time a journey into other cultural spheres and yet unknown rhythms, melodies and body movements.